Planet Knowledge announce launch on Freeview UK

VOD365 has today announced a partnership with Strategy & Technology, a leading provider of interactive TV technologies, to launch Planet Knowledge, VOD365’s new on demand documentary channel on Freeview.

Commenting on the partnership, Paul Coster, Founder of VOD365 said “Following the initial response to the launch of Planet Knowledge, it is fantastic that we are able to make it available to a much wider audience so quickly, through Freeview.”

The development’s for the Freeview channel has already commenced and it is estimated that it will launch on Freeview in the summer.

Planet knowledge launches on Samsung TV’s

VOD365 is pleased to announce the launch of its first video on demand channel  delivering a wide range of premium factual documentaries. Planet Knowledge is the first channel to provide such content available on demand for free, a consumer experience only currently provided by ‘pay TV’ platforms such as Sky and Virgin Media with channels such as Discovery, National Geographic and Eden.

Planet Knowledge delivers 6 categories, with all content available on demand:

  • History
  • Nature
  • People and Culture
  • Planet Kids
  • Science and Technology
  • Travel

Each channel will deliver over 40 hours of content with a refresh of between 10 -20 hours each month per channel.

Paul Coster, founder of VOD365, said “Its great to see the delivery of Planet Knowledge. We are pleased at how we’ve been able to manage and process the huge amount of content delivered and work with our launch partners, Vonetize and Samsung, to deliver the channel in such a short period. We look forward to continuing to build our relationships as we grow Planet Knowledge as well as deliver new channels.”

Planet Knowledge is available within the Smart Apps on Samsung connected TV’s and also available to download on Samsung tablets and Smartphones from the Google Play store.

Planet Knowledge unveiled as name for new documentary channel

The name for VOD365’s new free to air video on demand documentary channel has been unveiled as Planet Knowledge.

Planet Knowledge will deliver 6 categories of content; History, Nature, People and Culture, Science and Technology, Travel and Kid’s.

Each channel will deliver over 40 hours of content with a refresh of between 10 -20 hours each month per channel.

Commenting on the name, Neill McWilliams, Director of VOD365 said “Planet Knowledge is a great name to launch our first channel and reflects well what we are trying to achieve with the channel.”

Planet Knowledge will launch in early 2014.

VOD365 Partners with Vonetize to deliver new video on demand channels

VOD365 has signed a partnership arrangement with Vonetize, to deliver a range of video on demand channels. The first of these, a documentary channel, is to launch in early 2014.

Vonetize is a leader in building and operating premium content services on connected TV’s and mobile devices using their proprietary platform and will be providing its end to end technology solution including a fully integrated in app -TV billing.

Commenting on the new partnership, Noam Josephides, CEO of Vonetize said, “As a market leader in delivering the technology to underpin a new digital age, Vonetize seeks to work with partners to create new and exciting experiences for viewers. VOD365 have great ideas and experience and we are looking forward to working with them.”

Paul Coster, founder of VOD365 said “ We approached Vonetize because of their reputation for delivering innovative and robust technology. As we have got to know them better, we are continually to be impressed by everything that they deliver and know they are the right partner for our brands and content.”

The full details of the VOD365’s first channel will be announced shortly.