Founded in 2012, VOD365 is a streaming media services provider that creates and distributes video on demand channels to internet connected TV, Web and Mobile devices.

Our strategy is to capitalise on the fast growing video streaming market developing and delivering targeted branded Channels using an advertising supported monetisation model.

The business provides a full end-to-end solution, including tech, content acquisition and ad sales and delivery – with all management tools controlled from a single platform.


VOD365 hosts a complex eco-system for on demand content via a full end to end distribution solution to ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Smart’ devices. Our Channels are delivered using leading proprietary and partner technologies.

Strengthening VOD365’s offering remains a key part of our strategy. Building and extending our family of TV channels has been key to growing our reach and diversifying our audiences. Over the next few years we will be focusing on delivering channels that focus on our most popular content.

VOD365 offers the consumer the opportunity to consume premium content for free with no subscription from with 1000s of hours of VOD programming available through an advertising model. The content is presented in a simple unique interface allowing the consumer to navigate the channel options via their TV remote.

Paul Coster – Founder & CEO

Paul Coster, has a wealth of experience working with leading brands in media with skills covering a broad range of activity including high level content acquisition deals, media distribution and bespoke technology solutions. Following a successful career at Universal Music Group, Paul advanced as an early adopter of Smart TV and video streaming via IP technologies. His entrepreneurial approach led to the formation of VOD365 and creation of multi-platform channel brand concepts such as Ketchup TV, YAAAS! Planet Knowledge, Sports Channel Network and Music Video On Demand (mVOD).


The business partners with a plethora of Studios, Production houses, federations, agencies and aggregators from all over the world. We pride ourselves on distributing high quality programming, including content from powerhouses such as IMG, Endemol Shine, NBC Universal, Hasbro, Mattel, Wildbrain, Universal Music Group, All 3 Media and many more.

As the content is delivered via IP, the channel brands have the ability to better understand and target the audience with advertising messages.


VOD365 is the first company to deliver multi-platform advert supported video on demand via Broadcast EPG’s, Smart TV and mobile apps. With a dedicated ad sales force and hybrid reporting as well as advert delivery management system with Google; Video On Demand is transforming TV viewing habits.

VOD365 provides advertisers brand safe video platforms to advertise directly to prime target audience demographics.

Rich data analytics provides our branded channels with valuable insights to help leverage media agencies engagement and decisioning associated to content acquisition and curation.

    VOD365 was founded in 2012 with a vision to bring advertising based premium video on demand channels to TV and mobile devices OTT (over the top).

    Our aim is to capitalise on the growing market for video on demand television by developing and delivering our branded Channels available through Smart TV’s , Free TV platforms (in the UK), Tablets and Smart Phones.


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