About Us

VOD365 was founded in 2012 with a vision to bring advertising based premium video on demand channels to TV and mobile devices OTT (over the top).

Our aim is to capitalise on the growing market for video on demand television by developing and delivering our branded Channels available through Smart TV’s , Free TV platforms (in the UK), Game Consoles, Tablets and Smart Phones.

The focus of the business is delivering premium video content to our viewers through the device of their choice – free.

VOD365 hosts a complex eco-system for on demand content via a full end to end distribution solution to ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Smart’ devices. Our hybrid ad serving technology and dedicated ad sales resource offers brands a unique single entry point to engage with audiences across traditional TV and on demand streaming applications, all managed and measured using Google integrated ad management technology. All advertising is clearcast approved and 100% safe. We will introduce ad free pay options for our viewers in 2019 in addition to broadening our channel portfolio and expanding distribution.

Our Channels are delivered using leading proprietary and partner technologies.

Paul Coster

Founder & CEO

With a career spanning over 25 years, Paul has a wealth of experience working with leading brands in technology and media and a background in broadcast content acquisition. Following a successful career at Universal Music Group, Paul advanced as an early adopter of Smart TV and video distribution via IP technologies. His experience with OTT (over the top) models include subscription, transactional and advertising funded video on demand services throughout International territories in addition to creating channel brand concepts such as Ketchup TV, Planet Knowledge, Sports Channel Network and The Gas Station.

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Neill McWilliams

Co-Founder & COO

Neill has been successfully running technology and media businesses for the last 15 years. In 2001, he was one of the founders of an e-learning company which has grown to become the leading company in its field. He stepped down from the business in 2012 to engage his passion for start –up businesses including working with Video On Demand 365.



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