Channel development work can involve different structures. We work with content owners with the aim of monetizing their content using different business models:

We create branded channels that licence premium content from rights owners to distribute to viewers on demand and via linear streaming. Content streaming generates inventory that is monetised using dynamic digital ad insertion.

We work with rights owners and aggregators on a commercial venture basis to create a new channel utilising their content, and where required, we boost the content by licensing from other content owners.

We undertake target audience analysis, real-time viewer data statics and channel engagement metrics.

Following Channel development, we distribute through a broad range of platforms, and monetize using direct ad sales and programmatic solutions.

Our management services include:

  1. Content preparation, ad-break point insertion and storage
  2. Managing content encryption and digital rights management (DRM)
  3. Data aggregation and management, formatting and analysis

    VOD365 was founded in 2012 with a vision to bring advertising based premium video on demand channels to TV and mobile devices OTT (over the top).

    Our aim is to capitalise on the growing market for video on demand television by developing and delivering our branded Channels available through Smart TV’s , Free TV platforms (in the UK), Tablets and Smart Phones.


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